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 a collective of conscious creators

Some of us paint, some of us create music, some of us dance, some of us make pants, some of us use hammers and saws,
we all create our own lifestyle. 
We intentionally shape our surroundings and hope to inspire others to do the same. 

creative modalities of focus at nido:


 - music recording

- podcast recording

- movement: yoga, dance, animal flow, martial arts, functional mobility 

- art: painting, drawing, digital, recycled materials, street art, etc.

- art therapy

- video recording

- makers / craftsmanship

do you have a creative craft you'd like to add to our list? 

let us know here!

and best of all.. 

a dynamic community of:
guides, teachers, learners, customers, cheerleaders
to help your creative dreams come to life

and we need *your* help to bring it to life

nido is for the local community and the goal is for it to be "ours." crowd-sourced/opensourced, profit sharing, etc. 

we want this space to provide as a base for lucrative adventures - eggs

we want to provide affordable rates for locals. apprenticeships, financial assistance and work trade options included! 

we aim to make use of sustainable/regenerative practices throughout nido. learn more about our 
"green pledge."

we're super cool peeps and can do anything but not everything. nido is not a typical co-working space for digital startups. click to learn what nido is not

open and transparent communication is our jam. learn about our sociocratic model for decision making within our community. 

get to know about the current nido team. 

lastly, if you're down with whats up ^ join our virtual community and be part of the process! submit your email below or contact us via social media or email.

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