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connecting the creative community in Playa

nido creativo is a place for:  creators

Whether you want to refine your craft or explore all the options to spark your inner artist, we're here to get your creative juices flowing because we know there is nothing worse than a repressing creative expression - that shit builds up and explodes, man.

Its ok to suck at something new. In fact, we encourage you to suck the best you can and keep trying. 

nido is more than just classes, nido is a culture of (respectful, symbiotic) creation with the self, community and environment. 

We're not here to compete, we're here to unify. 

We are here to be your go-to resource for everything in and around Katy, Texas! If you are looking to figure out what to do on any given day, seeking mommy tips and tricks, or simply want to stay in the know, Katy Moms Network is your one–stop-shop!


This site was founded with the very simple goal of saving you time and energy by providing a comprehensive collection of local events and resources, building a supportive mommy community, and creating a place where the mom talk continues.


The site will be an ever evolving and growing community for moms to come for information, advice, or just a place to feel inspired and supported. We will have a calendar of events, a resource guide, and general information that we hope will be helpful to local families including many other topics highlighting the joyous chaos that comes along with being a mom.


They say it takes a village and this site will aim to be that for all of you – your village! Right here in Katy, TX!


nido is the ultimate resource for all things creative for adults and kids to save you time and energy by providing a comprehensive collection and network of local classes, events, resources and creative community.

and best of all.. 

a dynamic community of:
guides, teachers, learners, customers, cheerleaders
to help your creative dreams come to life

and we need *your* help to bring it to life

nido is for the local community and the goal is for it to be "ours." crowd-sourced/opensourced, profit sharing, etc. 

we want this space to provide as a base for lucrative adventures - eggs

we want to provide affordable rates for locals. apprenticeships, financial assistance and work trade options included! 

we aim to make use of sustainable/regenerative practices throughout nido. learn more about our 
"green pledge."

we're super cool peeps and can do anything but not everything. nido is not a typical co-working space for digital startups. click to learn what nido is not

open and transparent communication is our jam. learn about our sociocratic model for decision making within our community. 

get to know about the current nido team. 

lastly, if you're down with whats up ^ join our virtual community and be part of the process! submit your email below or contact us via social media or email.

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