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- creative freedom

- curiosity

- community + communication 

- respect, transparency

- for the people, planet and profit

environmental practices

nido's existence is an act of environmental activism as a way to encourage, prioritize and promote local production of goods and commerce. 

  • use of the safest environmental friendly materials at our disposal (many can be made within nido!)

  • renewable energy sources

  • water system

Sociocratic decision-making

"Sociocracy, also known as dynamic governance, is a system of governance which seeks to achieve solutions that create harmonious social environments as well as productive organizations and businesses. It is distinguished by the use of consent rather than majority voting in decision-making, and decision-making after discussion by people who know each other.

The Sociocratic Circle-Organization Method (SCM) was developed in the Netherlands by electrical engineer and entrepreneur Gerard Endenburg and is based on the work of peace activists and educators Betty Cadbury and Kees Boeke."

- wikipedia

nido is committed to sociocratic governance and culture. 

current team

just a buncha psychedlic micro-dosing cool af potheads

What nido is not

nido is not a co-working space for digital nomads; though we welcome anyone, including digital nomads, to work on their physical projects at our place using our equipment and facilities. for traditional co-working we invite you to check out: bunker, nest, selina, etc.

nido is not an accredited school. 

nido is not...

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